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Buying your fence system first, and arranging for your own installation saves BIG money. That’s why we have created our fence kits that come with the necessary components to fence the average backyard. These kits are available in the six most common styles of fence in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The EZFence2Go system from Superior Fence Products takes DIY fencing to the next level thanks to ease of installation, total customization and next generation technology.

Whether it be a DIY project or you hire a local contractor, you will know you start with a complete system that best suits you

Packaged in kits, it represents a high quality but cost effective fence solution for those customers with a do-it-yourself mindset.

With a fast and effective installation method that takes customers from selection to preparation and then assembly in 3 easy steps, EZFence2Go is the best way to enhance your property with an Superior Fence Products fence system. We offer flexible delivery and assembly options, allowing customers to pick up orders and manage the installation themselves.

1 Select:
Each Kit Includes:
Our DIY Fence Kits come in 6 unique styles:
Aluminum Fence - Ponte Vedra FL - ZAPALA - Black Aluminum Fence
  • 15 Panels
  • 12 Line Posts
  • 4 End Posts
  • 4 Corner Posts
  • 20 Caps
  • 1 Gate with Hardware Kit
  • 6’H White Vinyl Hamilton
    Home Series
  • 6’H Tan Vinyl Hamilton
    Home Series
  • 6’H White Vinyl Arrowwood
    Home Series
  • 4’H Black Aluminum Sterling
    Home Series
  • 4’H Black Aluminum Heritage
    Home Series
  • 4’H Black Aluminum Amethyst
    Home Series
Confirm your property line then measure the perimeter of your yard:
  • In order to get accurate measurements, you need to know exactly where your property line is.
  • Locate underground utilities. Underground utility lines will affect where your fence posts can be placed.
  • Research local zoning codes and restrictions. Some cities and neighborhoods have restrictions on fencing.
  • Check for obstructions.
  • Mark and measure your yard.
  • Place a stake in each corner of your yard and every 8 feet, as that is where posts will go.
  • Add up all your measurements and divide by 6 or 8, depending on the fence series/fence width you chose.
  • Think about where you would place your gates if you are going to have any.
  • Note where there are sections of yard less than 8 feet in length, panels can be cut down.
3 Determine

Count the number of corners and ends of your yard and that is the number of corner and end posts you will need. (If your fence stops at your house, a tree or a gate that is an end post.)

Count the number of stakes you put in the ground every 6 or 8 feet and that is the number of line posts you will need. Note: modify your calculations if your fence panels will not be 8ft. sections.


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